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Our full list of services include:
Lip Augmentation
Aqualyx  Fat Dissolving
Acne Chemical Peel
Vitamin Boosters


Lip Augmentation is one of the fastest growing aesthetics procedures globally, with specific techniques and manipulations being able to change the whole look of the face. At Signature Studios we use high quality dermal filler only, that is CE marked and board certified. All of our fillers contain Lidocaine to reduce the pain during and after treatment to make sure the client is always as comfortable as possible.


Microneedling is by far one of our most popular treatments. Specialising in reducing acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues and skin texture it works wonders. Most clients see an outstanding difference after one treatment (see image above) however, to maintain results we recommend treatments every 2-6 weeks. All microneedling treatments are accompanied by a collagen enriched facial post treatment to make the skin really glow!

Aqualyx Lipotherapy

Aqualyx Lipotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. A fat removal therapy which reduces stubborn fat deposits in those difficult areas such as the stomach, outer and inner thighs, and even the chin area.

It works by sticking to fatty deposits, breaking them down over a period of time. The fat is then naturally dissolved and flushed out by the body.

Results are effective, quick, and minimally invasive.

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections can be used to treat almost all small deposits of fat, but the most popular treatment areas include the:

  • Chin/Jaw

  • Stomach

  • Thighs

  • Arms



Our acne chemical peels are a popular treatment  among our clients. The glycolic acid based treatment is also known as the "Lunchtime Peel" as it is super quick and effective treatment. We start off on a low percentage of Glycolic acid to build up your tolerance, starting off too high can damage the skins barrier. You will start to acknowledge results after one treatment, however a course is recommended to see full effects of the treatment. Following your peel you will receive a collagen infused facial to enrich the skin and add cool moisture.
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