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Welcome to My Beeautiful World

Hi, I’m Regan

This Is My Story

I have always had a passion and interest for the Aesthetics industry. Whilst at university during lockdown I realised that university wasn't for me, and that I had to pursue my dream of becoming the best aesthetics practitioner in the UK. I trained with one of the leading aesthetics training acadamies in the UK, and quickly realised the passion I had towards the education of anatomy and physiology, and how the use of aesthetics can help so many people. 

In the time I have finished my training to now, I have started up my own company and clinic, I have gained a fast growing client base, of which is growing every week. I am expanding our treatment list to make sure we are ahead of the others not only in Milton Keynes, but also in the UK.

I take pride in knowing that we are one of the only clinics in Buckinghamshire to offer Microscelerotherapy, an upcoming treatment to eliminate spider veins on the legs, and also that we are the leading clinic in the region for Microneedling therapy.

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